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Analytics Company Woopra Uses SEO to Contribute to Successful Acquisition

Ranked on page 1 for top category keywords and 8x-ed unbranded organic search traffic within 20 months. 

Woopra is an analytics company that we ranked on page 1 for top category keywords and 8x-ed unbranded organic search traffic within 20 months. 



We tracked search traffic & conversions in Woopra’s own wonderful analytics software

This contributed to Woopra’s successful acquisition by software company Appier after just 26 months of working together.

Woopra CEO Elie Khoury reached out to me when he wanted to expand his marketing efforts. For most of Woopra’s history, it pursued a product-led growth strategy, with little in the way of marketing channel investment.

The SEO campaign that I put together focused on ranking for top product category keywords, including “saas analytics”, “product analytics” and “customer journey analytics”.

Here’s how we did it.


Starting the Campaign

Building trust with new clients is key. For this reason, the first few weeks of our SEO campaign focused on getting quick wins

We did this by: 

  • Optimizing for featured snippets
  • Rewriting the title tags, meta descriptions, h1s, and other on-page optimizations for key pages
  • Migrating and redirecting the off-site blog onsite

With a few careful optimizations, we grabbed the featured snippet/#1 spot for the head term “saas analytics” within just two weeks.

Migrating the offsite blog to onsite resulted in an immediate, 20% traffic boost beyond what the blog was already getting


Launching Content

Phase 2 of the SEO campaign began with putting up new pages targeting relevant keywords. Keyword research in the first month of our engagement revealed 100 target keywords for us to pursue. 

We published four keyword-targeted, search-optimized articles per month on the new /learn/ section or /blog/. 

Our keyword research process emphasized keywords with:

  • Conversion potential
  • High topical relevance to products
  • Significant search volume
  • Low keyword difficulty

Article examples include the following: 

Ranks page 1 of Google for:

  • customer journey analytics
  • customer journey analysis
  • journey analytics 

Ranks page 1 of Google for keywords:

  • customer journey map examples 
  • customer journey map example
  • user journey map examples
  • customer journey examples 

Ranks page 1 of Google for keywords:

  • customer journey vs customer experience 
  • customer experience journey 
  • customer journey experience

Where appropriate, we showcased product screenshots directly in the article:



Each article is linked to other relevant articles in topic clusters, to maintain a disciplined and well-executed internal linking strategy.



Backlink Acquisition & Conversion

After the content strategy was solidly established, we added backlink acquisition and conversion to key pages. We ran a guest post and link insert outreach campaign to get links back to pages with high conversion potential. 

The backlink strategy involved:

  • Careful analysis of how many backlinks were needed to rank each page
  • Assigning proper anchor texts to each link
  • Only obtaining backlinks from sites in the marketing or tech industries with medium or high domain rating

With backlinks flowing into each important page, we added on-page elements to ensure that conversions kept coming: 



Putting It All Together

Now that traffic had been improved, we focused on maintaining it, growing it, and converting it. As business priorities shift, our SEO and marketing efforts shift with it to enhance business objectives and strategies. 

As Woopra celebrates its acquisition by Appier, we look forward to continued growth in year 3 of our partnership. 

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Ranked on page 1 for top category keywords and 8x-ed unbranded organic search traffic within 20 months.