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The SEO Agency That Gets Customers, Not Excuses

FinTech brands usually have two main goals when partnering with a digital marketing agency — driving customers and revenue. 

Our mission is to create the optimal FinTech SEO strategy to ignite your campaign, striving for quick initial wins to gain momentum, as well as sustained long-term growth. 

While no FinTech SEO agency can ensure instant results, we use a proven process that focuses on bringing in more customers and maximizing profits without excuses or delays. 

Digital Marketing Agency Services Include

SEO Strategy

This involves an SEO audit that focuses on the technical aspects of your campaign to determine:

  • Which keywords to rank for in your search engine optimization efforts.
  • Content creation strategies for your FinTech business
    How we’re going to convert leads with our SEO marketing strategy

  • How we’re going to make your financial service company money

Keyword Research

Here we select specific keywords to target in your FinTech SEO digital marketing campaign. 
We go after relevant keywords your audience is searching for that receive a solid search volume, but aren’t oversaturated with competition. 

The goal is to choose keywords you can realistically rank well for to drive more traffic to your financial services brand. In particular: what are the buyer keywords your prospects are using? We hyper-focus on these, and build a supporting strategy around that. 

Technical Expertise

Technical SEO refers to understanding the nuts and bolts of how search engines work, SEO trends, and what it takes to maximize visibility for FinTech clients. 

  • For example, our FinTech SEO agency can help: 
  • Identify and fix search engine optimization issues
    Optimize site architecture
  • Improve internal and external linking
    Increase page speed

Content Creation

Creating quality, keyword-focused content such as product pages, landing pages, and blog posts is the lifeblood of a FinTech SEO campaign. 

We create one article or one page per keyword to help you rank for the keywords you’re targeting — striking a balance between appealing to readers and search engines. 

Link Building and Outreach

With our link building services, we reach out to other websites and get them to link back to your site. This is critical because a healthy link profile signals to search engines that your website is trustworthy and authoritative. 

Not only does this get the ball rolling for your FinTech company in the earlier stages, but it’s also instrumental in establishing a sustainable long-term presence in the financial services industry. 

How is FinTech SEO Different?

Most fundamental SEO principles apply across the board to all industries. FinTech search engine optimization, however, has some key differences that make it unique.

For example, financial services is part of what you call a “your money or your life” (YMYL) industry, where financial success is essential to a person’s well-being.

Because of this importance, Google places an especially strong emphasis on the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of those who create FinTech content.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important for your FinTech business to produce high-quality, expertly-crafted content, along with using other financial SEO best practices like including real contact information on your company’s “About” and “Contact” pages.

Keeping content up-to-date is also vital. Google tends to favor fresh content in general.

But this is especially true with FinTech SEO for the simple reason that finance topics can quickly become outdated.

For instance, mortgage rates may have changed considerably from just one year ago to today, which is why it’s so important to continually keep FinTech SEO content updated.

Besides that, the FinTech industry is one of the most heavily regulated.

As a result, you need to find the right balance between creating interesting, engaging content that people want to read while keeping regulations and legal requirements in mind to not trigger unwanted attention or litigation.

Because of these special considerations, it helps to have an SEO expert on your side who can navigate things like web design, content marketing, link building, and technical SEO.

"Keeping content up-to-date is also vital. Google tends to favor fresh content in general."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Partnering With a FinTech SEO Company Cost?

Pricing for financial technology companies starts at $5,000 per month. However, most clients in the FinTech industry spend between $5,000 to $10,000 per month for a reputable SEO service. 

Responsibilities include keyword research, content strategy, content creation, backlink acquisition, and technical SEO expertise. 

In addition, it involves using marketing agency analytics to determine what is and isn’t working for continual refinement of your FinTech SEO digital marketing campaign. 

We can provide you with more information on how much it will cost for your specific campaign during our initial SEO consulting conversation. 

We strive to have quick wins within the first month of clients using our FinTech SEO services. You should see a noticeable improvement in your search engine rankings, traffic, leads, and customers in that time frame. 

However, for your FinTech SEO digital marketing campaign to really ramp up, it typically takes 6 to 12 months. That’s when you may see up to 10x traffic and bring in a high volume of customers to your FinTech business. 

By nature, digital marketing and SEO marketing, in particular, take time. Therefore, you should be wary of any FinTech SEO agency that promises massive results overnight. That said, you can expect a tangible impact fairly quickly, with bigger results to follow.

Yes, and we can provide projections for you after a discovery call. 

While it’s impossible for a digital marketing agency to forecast what your exact return on investment will be, we can give you an estimate based on similar FinTech brand campaigns we’ve worked on in the past. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that you not only get a positive ROI but that it fully justifies your digital marketing agency investment. 

We have extensive experience working on all types of CMSs and web design frameworks within the FinTech industry. 

We’re WordPress experts. But we also know a wide variety of other niche platforms as well. As for website frameworks, we’re experienced with Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, and many others. 

So there’s a strong likelihood that we’ve worked on your particular CMS or web design platform.