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SEO Audit Services

Not Just an SEO Audit, an SEO Strategy Plan

Small Business​

For sites with up to 50 URLs​

Technical SEO Audit​​

Content review of top 10 pages​

Keyword research
for 20 focus keywords​

Conversion improvement recommendations​



For sites with 51-2,999 URLs

Technical SEO Audit​​

Content review of top 30 pages​

Keyword research
for 100 focus keywords​

Conversion improvement recommendations​

SEO user experience testing​



For sites with 3,000+ URLs​

Technical SEO Audit Content review of top pages​

SEO user experience testing​

Algorithm &
manual penalty recovery​

SEO tech stack review​

Branded SERP review​

AI Technology, Human Expertise

We use at least 12 different SEO software tools to analyze your website. We leverage AI technology to gain advanced insights into your search presence, and how to improve it.

But at the end of the day, it’s human expertise and grit that deliver results. The same expertise that ranked a small tech startup #1 for “business credit cards” and ran SEO marketing campaigns for Verizon, AT&T, and will now be unleashed on your behalf.

We’ll show exactly how to outsmart your competitors in the Google game. It’s what we do.

Find the Gold​

Every audit comes with a “gold nugget” insight. This is the #1 thing that you need to do to boost your SEO presence. 

An SEO Strategy Plan isn’t just a list of technical fixes. It’s a map to profitability. 

We start with the low-hanging fruit technical and content opportunities. Then we find the easy keywords that will make you money. We also audit user experience issues (like site speed) that affect SEO and conversions. 

Part of this is the “Quick Wins Audit” – finding the opportunities that will give you a boost in weeks, not months. 

Prioritized with Fixes

Most SEO audits just give you a big, confusing list of problems. That’s where we begin.

Each issue comes with a corresponding action item on what to do to fix it. That list is prioritized in terms of difficulty and impact. 

Do you really need to fix those 404 errors? Is slow site speed hurting your rankings? Is JavaScript blocking the Googlebot?

Know what you need to fix now and what you can postpone working on. We show you the 20% of things that will give you 80% of the results.

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

Book a discovery call by filling out the request form. Garit will reach out via email to discuss your project. 

The discovery call will take about 30 minutes, and we’ll discuss your business goals, keyword difficulty in your niche, and what kind of a return we can get you on your marketing budget.

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