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Get your SEO campaign unstuck, or take it to new heights with a seasoned pro. 

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Customer Feedback

Carl Peterson

Content Lead

5-stars is about 10,000 UNDER the amount of stars I wish I could rate Garit and his services. He is the absolute real deal. I’ve worked with a lot of SEO experts in my career and Garit is hands down the best of the best…

How We Can Work Together

Sometimes knowing what to do is all you need to get unstuck, and an hour or two with an SEO expert can do just that.

SEO Strategy Plans and Audits 

These are one-off projects that we discuss and scope on an as-needed basis. My SEO audit services may be adequate for your needs, or we may need to arrange something more custom. 

Zoom “Ask Me Anything” Calls ​

We can also work together on an hourly basis. A Zoom call is a perfect opportunity to discuss problems, identify solutions, share screens, and talk face-to-face in a time-efficient manner.

SEO Consulting Service

When your rankings plateau or go down, who do you call? Add SEO consultant Garit Boothe to your list. 

Common scenarios include: algorithm penalty recovery, manual penalty recovery, growth project ideation, new business or website planning, or expert insight for extremely difficult keywords. 

I have deep expertise in FinTech, finance, SaaS, B2B, affiliate marketing, and ecommerce. I’ve worked for some of the biggest brands on the planet, including Verizon and AT&T, in addition to many tech startups. 

In addition to tech, e-commerce and affiliate marketing companies love working with me because I get them a super fast return on their investment. Once your buyer keyword rankings shoot up, you see an immediate increase in revenue. 

I own my own revenue-generating affiliate websites and have worked for one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies on the planet – I know the game. I have also worked for and with ecommerce companies in multiple industries and have gotten them huge revenue increases that other SEO agencies could not pull off. 

Garit Boothe

Who Is This For?

SEO consulting is appropriate for companies that already have inhouse SEO talent and content production. In other words, you’re already doing SEO. 

If you’re interested in my SEO services, and you don’t already have employees doing it, then our SEO agency services would be a better fit for you. 

"Many clients get referred to Garit or find him after their first SEO agency didn’t work out. If you are looking for SEO that works and revenue growth on autopilot, you found it."

Consultant vs. Freelancer

Which Is Better? How to choose

I started out as a freelancer, and quickly learned that most clients have no clue about what it takes to have success in SEO.

SEO agencies have such a bad wrap, that many people think, “I need a freelancer”. No, you don’t – most SEO freelancing is a waste of money. Here’s why.

Freelancers can really only perform one function: be an outsourced “SEO specialist”. In other words, they know how to do the stuff that an in-house SEO employee would do: analysis, basic on-site technical SEO implementation, keyword research, and SEO strategy.

But SEO freelancers don’t a) fix complex technical problems, b) write content, or c) get backlinks. They don’t know how – no single person does. SEO is a team sport, so it takes a group of people with diverse skillsets to effectively pull off a well-run SEO campaign.

Most companies that hire SEO freelancers are not creating search-friendly content or are doing any type of PR. They don’t usually have developers dedicated to marketing, either. This means that all three basic tools of SEO – technical work, content creation and link building – are not being utilized. 

If you want someone to do in-the-weeds work, hire a great SEO agency, not a freelancer.

Instead, what most companies need is a good SEO agency. Actually, you need a great one. So after getting fired by a couple of freelancing clients and lots of finagling and hiring, that’s what I created. 

A good agency has in-house SEO consultants, writers, a backlink outreach team, and a developer who can fix complex technical issues. Then, they offer that entire suite of services to you as a package.

If you want SEO strategy, in-depth knowledge, or help getting unstuck from a penalty or a plateau, then hire a consultant. 

Agencies typically only offer “done-for-you” services. Even the best ones don’t do strategy work, if it’s not paired to a pre-packaged service. 

But if you already have inhouse people doing the work – you don’t need an agency. You need an SEO expert – a seasoned pro. Someone who’s faced the problems that you face, overcame them, and knows how to walk you through them.

Request a discovery call if that’s you.