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Garit Boothe 

Garit Boothe is a delightful SEO speaker and seasoned digital marketing entrepreneur. Garit blends substance with style to engage your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats. His unique blend of search engine mastery and public speaking skills make him a rare find for conference organizers in the SEO industry. 

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From Our Customers

Evan Ehrenberg

Conference Attendee & Tech Startup Executive

Your talk was phenomenal. I would have been sold on the Star Trek theme alone, but the content was so good that alone made the conference worthwhile for me.

Jason Butler

SEO Consultant

Garit’s presentation at Fincon was amazing.

Garit Boothe

Who Is Garit Boothe?

Garit Boothe is an entrepreneur, writer, and CEO of Garit Boothe Digital, an innovative SEO company based in Utah. Garit is a speaker at digital marketing conferences and appears regularly in industry webinars and podcasts.
His SEO industry experience ranges from an agency employee working on enterprise brands, including Verizon, AT&T, and international energy company Just Energy, to inhouse at a fast-growing tech startup, to his current work as an SEO consultant, agency owner, and affiliate marketer.

Garit has ranked many websites #1 on Google for difficult keywords over the years including “business credit cards”, “phone systems”, and “best credit builder loans”, among many others. 
Few SEO speakers have the depth and breadth of industry experience as Garit does. Still fewer know how to make it come alive with actionable takeaways for audience attendees!

What Makes Garit Different

Let’s face it: listening to most speakers in the SEO industry is as fun as watching paint dry.

The experienced SEO speaker needs a unique blend of substance, style, and delivery to keep listeners engaged. 

Garit uses eye-popping case studies to inspire, unique research to inform, and professional delivery to entertain. His experience as an SEO consultant, entrepreneur, and formerly inhouse employee give him a breadth of experience that is unique in the industry. 

Whether attendees are corporate employees or small business owners, he has something that everyone can relate to. As an in-the-weeds practitioner, he speaks fluent SEO and has new data and cutting-edge techniques that go far beyond the same, boring advice that the SEO industry is tired of hearing. 

Give your conference attendees an experience they won’t forget by hiring Garit.

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More about my approach

I’ve never seen anybody request SEO training on local SEO and the ins and outs of a Google Business Profile, but hey, if you’re interested, I’ll talk about anything SEO-related that I know about. I’ve tried just about everything you see on social media regarding SEO, from programmatic to parasite SEO to whitehat PR, and have good stories for each.

If you’re doing an SEO conference in Las Vegas, count me in, since it’s the closest conference hub to my home in Salt Lake City. If you have any upcoming events there, let me know. I don’t like talking exclusively about tangential subjects like Google Ads, web design, or Google Analytics, even though they’re part of what I do. I stick to my area of genius and let others do the same.

From international SEO to local search, I’ve done it all when it comes to SEO. Search engine optimization is my passion and I love talking about it. I’ve been doing digital marketing and inbound marketing since it they were called “internet marketing”, working my up from a lowly SEO specialist to an entrepreneur doing SEO training and hiring teams.

Google search is an interesting game, and you don’t master it by just reaching the Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal. SEO success requires more than just reading recent posts on social media; you must master tech SEO, listen to SEO talks from real pros, and become an SEO expert yourself!
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