Cryptocurrency Startup Hits #1 Industry Keyword in 1 Month

Most of the time, SEO takes a while. But sometimes, we’re able to get dramatic results quickly, and even surprise ourselves. 



This company was fresh off of a Series A fundraising round when we reached out. Their cryptocurrency software was in high demand, but their old SEO agency was coming up short in the results department. 

Within the first month of working together, we ranked their site #1 for their industry category keyword. 

Within 4 months, we ranked it #1 for their industry’s highest search volume keyword. Within 6 months, traffic and conversions were through the roof.

Here’s how we did it.


Going for the Quick Win

After doing our quick wins analysis, we found that the homepage title tag was completely unoptimized for their industry keyword. 

To optimize a title tag for a keyword, we included the exact keyword phrase. This bumped it up a few positions. 

After that, we namedropped their top investors and integrated partners in the title and meta description. 

The formula was like this:



[Brand Name]: #1 {Industry Keyword Category} | Backed by [Big company 1, company 2, & 3]

Clicks went through the roof!

Google’s search engine rankings are affected by click-thru rates. So if you can write compelling title tags and meta description copy, the increased clicks will actually improve the rankings. 

We also made other optimizations to the homepage.


Expanding the Campaign

We moved on to optimizing other parts of the website. 

One of the co-founders wrote an amazingly informative, 3,000-word guide. It was already getting organic search traffic.

But it wasn’t optimized for search! 

We optimized his thought leadership article for search. This included:

  • Rewriting the h1 headline and title tag
  • Including missing sub-topics as per MarketMuse’s AI technology
  • Adding new sections (also using MarketMuse’s recommendation)
  • Adding the main keyword to supporting headers (h2 and h3)
  • Changing the menu navigation link anchor text to be closer to the keyword
  • Optimizing images
  • Adding more internal links pointing to the page from supporting articles
  • Structured the beginning of the article to get the featured snippet

All of this resulted in a #1 position ranking for the industry’s highest volume keyword – and loads of relevant traffic! 


Taking It to the Next Level

All of this happened before we created new content or acquired backlinks to the site.
Our keyword research revealed many low-hanging fruit opportunities. We targeted new keywords with new articles and pages, taking their organic search presence to new heights.

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