Legal Software Company Explodes Revenue Through Search Marketing

An innovative, consumer-facing legal software company turned to us after getting mediocre results from its last SEO agency.

As you can see from the traffic graph below – organic traffic didn’t shoot up immediately! But within the 18 months of working together, organic search traffic 4x-ed compared to the month before started working together.

While the SEO campaign was gaining momentum, we also improved their Google Ad campaign. The results were nothing short of fantastic, as company revenue quadrupled in the first four months of working together!



Here’s what we did.

Paid Search Ads for Quick Results

The main drawback to doing SEO is that it’s a slow marketing channel. That’s why we recommended changes to their Google Ad campaign to offset the SEO ramp-up period.

Keywords in their niche varied from $3 to $10 per click. The tricky factor was the location. Ad click costs varied wildly by state. 

We recommended that instead of focusing on the high-population, wealthy states of New York and California, we focused our ad dollars on lower-cost, inland states. 

To improve the search campaign, we:

  • Opened up new campaigns in lower-cost locations
  • Created a high-funnel landing page conversion flow
  • Wrote compelling ad copy

Sales went through the roof!


SEO for the Win

As is often the case, it took about 9 months for SEO to really hit its stride. Within 18 months, organic search traffic rivaled paid ads in terms of sales.

Organic search traffic actually went down in the first few months as their high-profile PR campaign wound down. 

Our keyword research revealed that people searched for the product by state far more often than by any other way. This is common for legal services.

We launched state-based landing pages that targeted high-value keywords. Because the SEO keyword difficulty for the high-value states of California and New York was reasonably low, we targeted those first.

In this way, we offset the weakness of our PPC ad campaign with the strength of our SEO.

Other notable focuses included:

  • A fanatic focus on internal linking pages between pages that had high relevance
  • Building out topic clusters for states that we wanted to target
  • Reaching out to relevant legal websites that could link back to our site

Technical SEO wasn’t the biggest obstacle with this particular client. Finding ways to balance the need between quick conversions and high costs was key. 

Our successful marketing campaigns put the founder and her company in a good position as she entered into partnership and fundraising talks with bigger companies. 

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