FinTech Industry SEO Case Study

We ranked this company on page 1 for its top industry head terms and grew unbranded organic search 10x in 18 months. 



Ahrefs traffic screenshot


This FinTech company catered to both consumers and businesses. They had innovative products and robust ad spending, but almost no SEO presence to speak of. 

Their CEO connected me with his marketing team when they decided to take their growth to the next level. 

Here’s how we did it.


Starting the Campaign

My number 1 goal with new clients is to build trust. That’s why we started the SEO campaign focusing on quick wins

At the time, their website didn’t have much content. Up until then, growth was driven by paid advertising and affiliate partner referrals. 

The best quick-win opportunity was through homepage optimization and publishing new content. 

We added the main industry keyword to the homepage title tag and immediately dove into keyword research for new content.


Launching Initial Content

They did not have enough in-house personnel to execute a high-volume publishing strategy. So we had to be selective in the keywords that we targeted first.

We targeted low-difficulty, high-revenue keywords that would rank quickly, convert well, and build topical relevance for harder keywords down the line.

Many of these were longtail keywords. (Keywords that had a string of at least 5 words in them.) 

To optimize for these keywords, we:

  • Matched content length to what the top competitors had for each keyword
  • Put the exact keyword into the URL, title tag, and H1 of every page
  • Matched article content to user search intent
  • Leveraged MarketMuse AI technology to improve semantic relevance
  • Wrote competitive, click-worthy title tags/page headlines


Here is a good example of one of our #1 ranking articles:


Click thru rate optimization is key.


The keyword has to go into the headline, no matter what. (Redacted for client privacy.) We included a number and a psychological reversal to garner more clicks. (“7 That Don’t)



The meta description answers the user’s question. This is key – and the opposite of what most copywriters and SEO agencies do.

Google rewrites the meta description that the website provides about 50% of the time. I noticed that Google almost always answers the user’s query in the most direct, straightforward way. So my writers do now, too. And clicks are up!

Finally, we wrote out hyper-relevant frequently asked questions. Then we marked them up with FAQ schema markup to garner a rich snippet:



The net result was a page that ranks #1 in no time!

We published ten new articles in six months. This resulted in an all-time high in company conversions and opened the door to further growth.


Supporting Product Launches

They asked us for support when they launched a new business product and another consumer product.

SEO support for the business product launch was hugely successful. We:

  • Consulted on the most advantageous site structure for new product categories
  • Strategized on the most effective keywords for each one
  • Optimized product pages and new site section pages

Within two weeks of launching the new business product, we were ranking #1 for the product category keyword and all of the corresponding new businesses that it brought. 

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