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Smash KPIs through Innovation

You’re getting the same team that ranked clients #1 for competitive keywords including “business credit cards”, “business phone systems”, and “crypto tax software”. 

SEO is competitive. If you want to dominate your industry’s main keywords, you can’t use the same, tired methods that everyone else is doing. 

We bring fresh ideas. New approaches. Tactics that work.  

Leverage AI Technology​

This is not your grandma’s SEO. We were using AI long before Chat GPT launched.

We use AI technology to inform:

Google’s machine learning algorithm is called “RankBrain”. We know how it works. And how to make it work for you

Protect Your Brand

Loads of people search for your company every day. So a top priority is making sure that you dominate your branded search queries. 

This isn’t just about ranking #1 for your own brand name. Branded properties that you control should fill up the entire Google search page for your brand name!

What’s more, we make sure that your knowledge panel is complete. Your company’s Google “entity” should effectively represent your brand, and do so in a way that boosts your entire website’s search presence. 

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

Book a discovery call by filling out the request form. Garit will reach out via email to discuss your project. 

The discovery call will take about 30 minutes, and we’ll discuss your business goals, keyword difficulty in your niche, and what kind of a return we can get you on your marketing budget.

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